UPUA Passes Eight Pieces Of Legislation In Third Meeting Of…

UPUA Passes Eight Pieces Of Legislation In Third Meeting Of…

The 14th Assembly of the University Park Undergraduate Association convened in the HUB on Wednesday evening for its third meeting of the semester.

There were no special presentations this week, so the meeting began with Policy 05-14, a revised UPUA Elections Code, being struck from the agenda.

Last week, the 14th Assembly failed to revise election codes for the second time this year. This item was struck from the agenda because the Judicial Board overturned the previous week’s ruling that the policy failed to reach quorum. The overturning means that Policy Revision 05-14 was passed.

Before delving into the legislation, President Laura McKinney gave her report, which included speaking about the visit she made with various other UPUA members to the Association of Big Ten Students Winter Conference at Indiana University.


In the first order of business of the night, Bill 19-14, Funding for “We cAre” Event 2020, passed unanimously.

This bill will allow UPUA to host a slate of “We cAre” days from February 13 to February 20, where members will hand out more than 500 general hygiene kits to students, which will include products like toothpaste, bamboo toothbrushes, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and Tide PODS.

Bill 20-14, Funding For Partnered Bike Helmet Giveaway with Graduate & Professional Student Association, also passed unanimously. This bill will partner UPUA with the Graduate and Professional Student Association to split the cost of 100 bike helmets to be distributed in the HUB for free to any students requesting one.

The third piece of legislation discussed was bill 21-14, the Establishment of the UPUA & GSPA Graduate School Information Panel, and again, was passed unanimously.

This bill will bring a panel to campus on February 17 where students have the opportunity to benefit from listening about the application, admissions, and research process that is associated with applying to and attending graduate school.

Resolution 32-14, “Support of Governor Wold’s Funding Proposal for Invent Penn State” was then brought to the assembly. This resolution was proposed in hopes to support Governor Wolf’s proposal which would provide $2.35 million in funding to Invent Penn State. It passed unanimously.

The next piece of legislation that was passed was Resolution 33-14, which was presented by the Committee on Facilities, and would bring an “Emergency Management Resource Day” to campus. This would bring the Penn State University Police and the University’s Office of Fire Prevention and Protection to the HUB for an event on February 20.

Next, Resolution 34-14, Support of Transportation Services Ticket Amnesty Program, again passed unanimously. This resolution was described as being similar to the University of Florida’s “Food For Fines” program where students donate canned goods or other items in exchange for paying the monetary value of a parking citation.

A similar program would be started at Penn State and would be funded in partnership between Transportation Services and UPUA.

The final piece of legislation of the night, Resolution 35-14, was passed unanimously. This resolution, the Support of Centre County Board of Elections Precinct Change, was proposed to alter the boundary lines of some State College precincts. The precincts altered would be the following: 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, and 33.

The assembly adjourned at 9:37 p.m. Hooray for an early night!

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