The ride service company looking to help the local communit…

The ride service company looking to help the local communit…

OMAHA, Neb. — A local entrepreneur noticed that many people were getting pets during the pandemic but were unable to take them to all their appointments. She launched Leash in April, a ride service for pets that picks them up and drops them off for daycare, the vet, boarding or grooming.

Kate Sampson created Leash as a passion project and to help the vulnerable during the pandemic.

“That’s the feedback we’re getting is an appreciation for you know…I don’t really feel like going into public right now, but my dog hasn’t been groomed for eight weeks, and he still needs to get groomed,” Sampson said.

The rides service also helps busy pet owners who just don’t have the time to add one more errand to their day.

“We have an infant and we work from home and we’re busy,” first-time customer Mandi Dilling said.

Sampson completes the rides herself and is hopeful the business can continue growing. She’s noticed local pet stores needing a service like this to continue their business during the pandemic.

“To help our brick and mortar businesses to maintain a customer base. Maybe for those customers who would otherwise hold off from going,” Sampson said.

Pricing for the rides is determined by mileage. Leash is currently offering 50 percent off so the community can give it a try with code “Omaha”.

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