ONE provides state of the art logistics and transportation

ONE provides state of the art logistics and transportation

Logistics handling and effective transportation mechanism is the crux of any event, venue or delivery/transport-related service offering. UAE-based MOTUS | ONE operators have been a leader in this space for over 20 years now, executing ‘behind the scene’ jobs to ensure smooth and seamless logistics and transportation functioning for their clients.

With a varied range of services including professional transportation consulting, event transportation management, ground transportation, and logistics services, MOTUS | ONE has successfully harnessed advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Online Vehicle Booking Platforms, Driver and Customer APP in order to enhance the efficiency of its services.

With a customer-focused approach and technology-driven foundation, MOTUS | ONE has emerged as the single-source provider of services for professional event and transportation management.

More about MOTUS | ONE

Owing to its world-class end-to-end logistics and transportation services, MOTUS | ONE has garnered notable clients internationally. These include Rally Dakar, NBA, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Office (CPC), Dubai Crown Prince Office (CPC), Blink Experiences, Live Nation, Fox Sports, Falcon & Associates, IMG Golf,, Jack Morton, Right Formula, Publicis Live, Richard Attias, Roqu Media, Saudi General Sports Authority, Saudi General Entertainment Authority, WWE via MUV, Inc, and Silvey Sports.

How does MOTUS | ONE operate?

The company operates from its four corporate offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. As of now, it has a workforce of more than 500 including employees and contractors.

The driving force behind MOTUS | ONE is its founders – Dana Buchawiecki and Fahad Al Seyabi. With more than 30 years of experience in event transportation, Buchawiecki founded MOTUS | ONE in 2017 along with Al Seyabi. They were closely involved in the inaugural editions of the Abu Dhabi Fifa Club World Cup and Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Formula 1™ Grand Prix in the UAE.

The core idea behind MOTUS | ONE is to integrate ‘Mobility as a Service’ with customized client needs and offer end to end logistics and transportation management services. However, the founders have stressed that their primary focus is on events, corporate, and VIP transportation planning, delivery, and execution.

Core services of MOTUS | ONE

Let’s dive into the intricacies of MOTUS | ONE’s services:

Event Transportation Management

MOTUS | ONE offers event transportation management services that include operational analysis, fleet and venue planning, and driver management. MOTUS | ONE’s event division also takes care of route analysis, driver and staff training, dispatch control, and on-ground support.

Moreover, its designated fleet system, shuttle network, and airport pickup/drop solutions are appropriate for all grades of events. All these services are backed up by MOTUS | ONE’s proprietary technology that ensures utmost transparency, security, and efficiency.

Transportation Planning and Operation

MOTUS | ONE offers safe and reliable transportation services for VIP movement, foreign delegates, convoys, single and group transfers for tourists, sportspersons, and more. The company’s fleet procurement and management division also takes care of fleet selection, procurement, and installation.

Moreover, these services are integrated with advanced technical support, such as GPS, route planning, on-board cameras, and passenger-communication systems. All in all, MOTUS | ONE’s shuttle services, staff transport services, and fleet procurement model are aimed at offering customer-oriented and technology backed transportation planning and operation.

Logistics Support

MOTUS | ONE has forayed into the logistics space with services such as construction logistics planning. It also offers autonomous driving solutions, traffic signal layout and configuration, SOP development, fleet planning, and delivery. MOTUS | ONE employs a dedicated bunch of logistics professionals who work closely with companies and firms across industries to take care of their custom logistical requirements.

Apart from these core services, MOTUS | ONE has also ventured into other offerings that include Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), strategic vehicle sourcing, and delivery management systems.

The company’s continued efforts to expand and stay relevant to client requirements has made it one of the most prominent players in the logistics and transportation industry. Most importantly, its flexible and customer-centric approach has allowed it to expand rapidly across various industries internationally.

Last year, MOTUS | ONE generated a revenue north of $10 million, which is a testimony to its service quality and customer-oriented business model.

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