OC Transpo addressing sexual harassment complaints

OC Transpo addressing sexual harassment complaints

Ottawa’s General Manager of Transportation Services is preaching trust and respect in the workplace, following reports of several sexual harassment complaints within OC Transpo.

In a statement Friday, John Manconi said the city is “committed to providing a work environment governed by respect and regard for the safety, rights and dignity of all, where employees can work free from violence and harassment.” 

Manconi said, “I spoke to the entire Transportation Services Department’s management team (over 130 staff) to reaffirm the city’s commitment to building trust and respect in the workplace, outline the duties of managers to ensure a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees and clarified the process to be followed when complaints of harassment or bullying are brought forward. Managers who attended yesterday’s session will be delivering this presentation to all staff in their units to keep the dialogue going and continue to reconfirm our commitment to a respectful and harassment-free workplace.”

Friday’s statement also added that a “respectful workplace working group” with representation from across the transportation department has also been established to “continue to build a culture of respect and inclusiveness.”

The department is also creating a new mandatory in-class training program for all employees and a new internal communications tools such as articles and posters are being created to reinforce the messages delivered in training and encourage employees to report incidents of bullying and harassment. 

The city has an Employee Assistance Program and OC Transpo has a Peer Support Network both of which exist to support employees personally and professionally.

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