Jefferson City’s only cab service to run out of gas this we…

Jefferson City’s only cab service to run out of gas this we…

Checker Cab owner Tom Landwehr has guided Jefferson City’s only cab service over hills — literally and figuratively — for the last 40 years. But later this week, the sun will set permanently on the local taxi service.

Checker Cab, at 1000 St. Marys Blvd., will cease operations at 9 a.m. Jan. 1, Landwehr said last week.

Landwehr is partially retiring and stepping back from the business as a result.

“I kind of hate to give it up, but I’m old enough and I don’t need to be working that hard, so I’m going to step back and do something that’s a little less stressful,” he said.

Due to the decrease in ground transportation demand, the 24-hour Checker Cab has experienced bumps in the road for a few years, Landwehr said.

“We’ve tried to provide good service, but the demand just isn’t quite there like it used to be, and it’s just a matter of cutting back a little bit,” he said, adding he will miss serving Jefferson City residents and working with city officials.

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens signed a bill in 2017 allowing transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft to operate freely in Missouri.

Landwehr will continue to operate his other business, Checker Livery, which provides non-emergency medical transportation to wheelchair-bound people and Medicaid recipients.

The Off Ramp sports new looks, name as The Office Bar

With stone walls, black ceiling tiles and metal siding around the bar counter, the inside of The Off Ramp looks dramatically different now than it did in early November.

Owner Scot Drinkard plans to rename The Off Ramp as The Office Bar on Thursday. In preparation for the name change, he has made aesthetic upgrades throughout the inside of the small building at 900 W. McCarty St.

Up until late November, the bar had a one-tone feel, with brown wood paneling encompassing the bar.

Drinkard made improvements to the walls, ceiling, lights and bar area in three days, all while staying open for business.

“I want it to be clean and neat but not all the same, and that’s why I did that whole wall without the metal — because I didn’t want everything to be exactly the same,” he said, pointing at a wall that did not have a metal border.

Regular customers did not mind the renovations, he added, as long as the beer prices didn’t spike with the new upgrades.

Next year, Drinkard wants to redo the floors and bar countertops, as well as replace the tables and chairs.

The more modern look may help attract more nightlife, Drinkard said, along with reminding people that this bar is no longer Jamey’s Lounge, a private club.

Drinkard took over ownership of The Off Ramp in October from previous owner Brian Maasen. Drinkard owns several other businesses in Mid-Missouri, including The Pizza Company and Spectator’s Sports Bar & Grill.

Smith becomes sole owner
of Care Planning Solutions

Jetawn Smith knew she was born to take care of elderly individuals, and she took that passion a step forward recently by becoming the sole owner of Care Planning Solutions.

Smith and former partner Amanda Rudder started Care Planning Solutions in October 2018 to offer various 24-hour in-home services like bathing, meal preparation, laundry, house cleaning, shopping, and companionship to the elderly and people with disabilities.

Rudder decided to step away from the business, making Smith the sole owner of Care Planning Solutions in September.

As sole owner, Smith said, she will have more freedom to serve clients in the capacity she wants.

Smith can trace her passion back to when she was 12 years old, looking after her aunt who had diabetes and had recently lost her husband.

“I just kind of always had a passion for older people and making sure they have the help they need and have someone to be an advocate for them,” she said.

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