First time Disc Jam event spreads awareness about Access, a…

First time Disc Jam event spreads awareness about Access, a…

First-time Disc Jam event spreads awareness about Access, a local non-profit, a local non-profit organization. (Sammy Shaktah/News 10)

For the first time ever, Medford held a Disc Jam fundraising event for the nonprofit organization, ACCESS

They have served the Jackson County for 43 years and partnered with the Bear Creek Golf Course in Medford to raise awareness about ACCESS and how they help the community.

Last year, ACCESS distributed four and a half million pounds of food to 24 food pantries throughout Jackson County.

Kellie Battaglia, development director for ACCESS said this is an opportunity to spread the word about ACCESS.

“It gives us exposure to a different demographic. We can make some new friends and let them know who we are and what we do. These folks are then ambassadors to the community because they can then spread the word and then people that need our services can find us easier,” Battaglia said.

As the event emphasized spreading awareness of ACCESS, a member of the disc golf club, John Bostwick, said he’s happy his club is partnering with something which benefits the community.

“We hope to partner with them again next year to make this an annual event so we can bring more awareness and have the support from the local community to know that we’re out here to try to better the community, and doing it in a way that we’re doing something that we love,” Bostwick said.

As part of the fundraising event, he won the morning’s competition and was happy he could have fun while supporting something so impactful.

Food vendors were also there, along with live music and plenty of space for attendees to have a great time, learn about ACCESS, and play disc golf.

After the turnout was so great for this first time fundraising event, they said they’re excited to make this an annual occurrence each year and hope to be able to help more people in the area.

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