Experts approve Riga Central Station’s Rail Baltica regiona…

Experts approve Riga Central Station’s Rail Baltica regiona…

Rail Baltica, RB Rail, LDz, Besix, Bererix, construction, design, infrastrctureA solution has been found to install a four-lane railway section at Riga Central Railway Station to replace the existing two-lane section. This will help secure not only international and airport connectivity for Rail Baltica trains but also further improve intercity and suburban train services, as reported by the project’s representatives.

Additional two-lane railway sections could be included if need be to secure regional train transportation services, as concluded in Riga Central Railway Station’s functionality study performed by RB Rail in Summer 2019. It is concluded in the study that the four-lane railway solution would significantly improve the railway station’s functionality and opportunities to service both regional and international routes.

Besix International Europe head and Bererix council member Nic de Roeck says during the signing of the contract it was initially planned to integrate two additional railway lines to Riga Central Station.

Nic de Roeck says new solutions will help almost double Riga Central Station’s part in Rail Baltica.

«Currently it is highly important to perform accurate planning work and make decisions for Rail Baltica that would allow for using full capacity of Riga Central Railway Station in the future. The station needs to become a modern urban transport hub, and our objective is supporting solutions that support it,» comments Transport Minister Tālis Linkaits.

An international team of engineers together with the project’s heads – Latvian Railway, Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas and RB RailBererix has developed a solution for railway line planning, planning it as a Europe-width railway line version without impacting the planned ten LDz railway lines. The construction plan has been adapted to this accordingly, as reported by the project’s heads.

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Bererix design and project coordination will continue until spring 2021, when construction work is set to commence. The first stage of preparation and dismantling work, as well as separate construction work is set to commence at the end of 2020.

General partnership Bererix combines Belgian Besix Group, Latvian construction firm RERE Būve and Italian construction company Rizzani de Eccher. Together they will implement a major part of Rail Baltica project – the adaptation of Riga Central Railway Station to the project’s needs, construction of a railway bridge over Daugava River, as well as design and construct an embankment and associated infrastructure.

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