Can you get a CA DMV driver license, register car online?

Can you get a CA DMV driver license, register car online?

The Department of Motor Vehicles may be reopening field offices soon, but a majority of the agency’s services are now available online.

Director Steve Gordon said that DMV modernization efforts pre-date the COVID-19 emergency. It ramped up its shift to online services since the crisis began, acknowledging that customers and employees wanted to avoid the public offices during the outbreak.

Today, you can go online to apply for a duplicate driver’s license, request a copy of your driving record or do a title transfer. All of those services required in-person visits just a few months ago.

Other services now offered online, at the DMV’s virtual office, include renewing your registration, requesting a duplicate vehicle title and getting a temporary driver’s license extension.

“We’ve really expanded a number of services there,” Gordon said.

The newest feature of the virtual office is the ability to request a duplicate license, Gordon said. Roughly a million Californians a year lose their license and need to request a copy, he said, and now that can be done online.

“That’s just one example of the things we’ve done that make it so you don’t have to come to a field office,” he said.

Gordon likened the DMV’s services to telemedicine, where health practitioners are able to provide a wide offering of services that don’t require an in-person visit.

There are some things that must still be done at a DMV office, however.

Those include driving tests, activities that require taking a photograph, reinstating a revoked license and restoring a suspended registration of a vehicle. Those services might not be available until later this month or in June, according to a rough reopening timeline that Gordonn released on Tuesday.

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