Blue Bird launches tourist shuttle bus services to Taman Sa…

Blue Bird launches tourist shuttle bus services to Taman Sa…

A tourist shuttle bus service to Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor, West Java, officially launched on Saturday.

Initiated by PT Blue Bird Tbk through its shuttle bus service Bigbird, the move is part of the Bigbird Jalan-Jalan (Bigbird Takes a Trip) program that aims to provide safe, comfortable and affordable public transportation services to tourist attractions.

Launched in collaboration with the Greater Jakarta Transportation Management Agency, the service aims to encourage the public to use public transportation instead of personal vehicles to lower traffic congestion in the Puncak area.

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“We are optimistic this service will receive a positive response from the public,” PT Blue Bird Tbk director Sigit Djokosoetono said in a statement received by The Jakarta Post on Saturday.

The tourist shuttle bus service will operate every Saturday and Sunday, departing from Pasaraya Blok M in South Jakarta at 6 a.m. with return tickets priced at Rp 400,000 (US$28.24) per person. The price includes an entrance ticket to Taman Safari Indonesia and House Panda Safari, snacks and a Jasa Raharja insurance package.

Prior to this route, Bigbird Jalan-Jalan has been offering easier access for travelers to reach West Java regions such as Bandung, Cirebon, Garut and Bogor, as well as Yogyakarta. (kes)

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