B-Line will begin requiring face coverings – Chico Enterpri…

B-Line will begin requiring face coverings – Chico Enterpri…

CHICO — Due to a state mandate, beginning on Wednesday, passengers will be required to wear a face mask while riding in any B-Line vehicle and denied service if they refuse to do so.

If a passenger does not have their own face covering, the driver will offer them a face mask while supplies last.

B-Line’s new protocol complies with the California Department of Public Health’s Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings, which was issued Thursday.

The document mandates that face coverings must be worn when people are “waiting for or riding on public transportation or paratransit” and while “driving or operating any public transportation or paratransit vehicle when passengers are present.”

B-Line drivers have been following that second recommendation for the past two months.

Passengers are asked to not take out their frustration on the driver as they are merely following the state order.

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